International Healthcare Consultations



Whether you live in Paris, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, or Sidney… or in the next town but just can’t get away, we offer you the unique opportunity to receive classical homeopathic care via international healthcare consultations without leaving home.

Video healthcare consultations are the closest to our being in the same room with you, and much more affordable and convenient. We have been treating patients successfully by Skype telephone and video consultation for many years. Initially the requests came from parents who read our best-selling Ritalin-Free Kids and knew we were specialists in the field. Since that time patients worldwide have contacted us, either because there was not an experienced local homeopath or because they wanted our particular expertise. We have found that we have just as much success with our long-distance patients as with people that we see in our office. Long-distance consultations have become even more important in our practice over the past few years, since we only live in the U.S., with access to our office, half the year, and are in Chile the rest of the year.

Even in countries where there are homeopathic clinics, the practitioners may not specialize in children with behavioral, learning, and developmental problems and in psychiatric complaints. We sometimes hear the following: “I read your book a number of years ago and was impressed by the positive results. I decided to try a local homeopath. I have not seen the success that you talk about, and now I am calling you.” We have been in practice for thirty years and have taught other homeopaths internationally. Experience counts!

International PatientsWe are very accustomed to treating patients in different time zones around the globe. We use world clock to calculate the time difference. We schedule all of our appointments based on Pacific Time in the U.S., whether we are in Washington, Chile, or elsewhere. Please be careful to double- check your scheduled time with our office to avoid confusion and missed appointments.