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  • 8 0.00 Km Marker Finisterrae Lighthouse

    Finally Reaching the End of the Earth

    Fifth Week from Hospital de la Condesa to Santiago (482 miles plus 4 miles round-trip to Finisterrae lighthouse) We fell in love with the Northern Spanish Galician countryside….just like Ireland, as confirmed by a number of Irish pilgrims whom we met. Glorious green rolling hills interspersed with charming, often ancient, stone hamlets.     It […]

  • 4 Bob 220km to Santiago!

    Rising to the Heights of El Camino

    Fourth Week from León to Hospital de la Condesa (388 miles walked so far, 94 miles remain to Santiago) We left behind the comfort, sophistication, charm, and fabulous fare of León, spent a night in Villar de Mazarife, then undertook a more-than-challenging nearly 18-mile walk to Astorga. A lively town famous for homemade chocolate and […]

  • 7 Best Us in Poppy Field

    Camino Blog 3: – Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

    Third Week from Hornillos del Camino to León (289 miles walked so far, 193 miles remain to Santiago) We’ve hit day 22 of our journey and have managed to keep up a brisk pace most of the time, hiking between 12 and 16 miles a day. Mind you, the furthest we have ever hiked in […]

  • 4 Burgos Cathedral

    Learning the Ropes of the Camino

    Second Week from Viana to Hornillos del Camino (219 miles walked, 303 miles remain to Santiago)   We had no idea how challenging this adventure would be, especially on the feet! You just can’t walk over 200 miles, day after day, without your feet screaming, “STOP!” And, yet, you keep on going. It’s not a […]

  • 2. Pilgrims' Office St. Jean

    Our Camino Initiation

    First Week from St. Jean Pied de Port to Viana (91 miles) Our soft landing in an Airbnb in Biarritz, France found us in the artistic, welcoming home of Francoise, Cristian, and their quirky cat, Pepino (means cucumber in Spanish). They forgave us for claiming their room, accidentally, instead of the one intended for us. […]

  • Homeopathy for that feeling after overindulging with rich food.

    Homeopathy Saves Us From Overindulgence

    A week in the idyllic village of Villa Pehuenia, Argentina, seemed like the perfect way to end the year. We had planned the same trip seven years ago, but our Nissan Pathfinder’s radiator self-destructed in Melipeuco, at the foot of the Llaima Volcano a couple of weeks after it erupted, prompting an evacuation of the […]

  • FEATURED-bananas-in-iceland

    Organic Bananas in Iceland?

    How Did We Find Our Way to Iceland? On our way to speak at a Children’s Homeopathic Mental Health Conference in Stockholm (blog to follow next week), we took Icelandair up on its offer to stop over in Iceland for up to seven days at no extra airfare charge. We certainly weren’t alone: Income from […]

  • FEATURED-savvy-travel-planner

    Be a Savvy Travel Planner

    The south of Chile is a beautiful place to visit, especially the Patagonia region. But no matter where you’re headed, to help ensure your adventure is as enjoyable as possible, we suggest these helpful travel planner tips. Trip Advisor: most of what you need to know at your fingers in an instant. Even the best […]