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    Homeopathy: Healing all of you

    Homeopaths have very high standards for healing. It’s not enough just to have one or two of your main physical symptoms improve. Let’s say you go to your gynecologist complaining of abnormal menstrual periods. You are put on the birth control pill to regulate your cycles. You may not have had time to mention your […]

  • Migraines Healthy Homeopathy helps

    Suffering from Migraines? Try Homeopathy!

    A Pain in the You Know What! Did you know that over 10% of folks in the U.S. are plagued by migraines? And that it’s considered the 8th most disabling health condition worldwide? Think not just throbbing, pulsating head pain…. as if that weren’t bad enough! Add nausea and vomiting; blurred vision; sensitivity to light, […]

  • Separation anxiety in children Healthy Homeopathy

    Homeopathy for Children With Separation Anxiety

    The World Can Be a Scary Place for a child with anxiety! For some children, no amount of safety and security seems to be enough. Overly anxious children cling desperately to their parents, some demanding nearly constant contact, support and reassurance. Otherwise they whine, cry, tantrum, and can even be destructive, driving their parents to […]

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    Anxiety and Nervous Exhaustion: Homeopathy can help

    If you suffer from anxiety, look no further than Homeopathy! Take it from me, I’ve been around anxious, depressed patients for 40 years—first as a psychiatric social worker, then as a homeopathic and naturopathic doctor. I don’t think I’ve ever treated a patient with anxiety who didn’t respond well to homeopathy. Homeopathy treats the whole […]

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    Depression: Is there an Alternative to Antidepressants?

    One in Ten Americans Are On Antidepressants! It is a no-brainer to me, as a homeopathic doctor, and psychiatric social worker, that homeopathy is the answer for most folks with depression. Why risk the side effects (including sexual dysfunction and fatigue), spend the money, and commit yourself to years on prescription drugs when you don’t […]

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    Epileptic seizures: How can Homeopathy help?

    A Shockingly Effective Homeopathy Remedy for Seizures! Roger is sold on homeopathy—he’s been a faithful patient for over 22 years. The brilliance of homeopathy is that there is one best remedy to help each person. Not just one or two symptoms, but the whole person. Since there are more than 3500 homeopathic remedies, it can take […]

  • How homeopathy helps with a head injury

    How can homeopathy help after a head injury?

    Head Injuries Can Mean Years of Recovery! If you have ever suffered a head injury, you have surely asked yourself – “How long will it take to get better?” Recovery from a traumatic brain injury, depending, of course, on the severity, is often a long, challenging process.  It can take weeks or months to feel like […]

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    Cantharis: Instant Relief for Burns

    If you are cooking, camping, or canning, sunning, soldering, or sautéing, sooner or later you will suffer a burn. Ouch! We are going to tell you the secret to relieving the pain and blistering of burns immediately. For mild, first-degree, and even second-degree burns, you won’t even have a scar. The quickest, easiest, and most […]