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    Is Homeopathy Safe? Refuting False News

      Why This Article Now?   You may be wondering why we are dedicating an article to politics rather than a case from our practice. Such are the times! We cannot ignore the increasingly blatant and unfounded media concerning the safety of homeopathy. Although those experienced in homeopathy, either as patients or those having treated […]

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    How to Make The Most of Your Surgery! Tips for success.

      Believe me, surgery is best avoided whenever possible! But that is not always the case—even with a super healthy diet, a great exercise program, and the best of genes. I made it through the first fifty years of my life surgery-free, which is probably luckier than most. But since that time I’ve had my […]

  • endometriosis healthy homeopathy

    Struggling With Endometriosis? It’s Time You Tried Homeopathy!

    Endometriosis is a mystery to modern medicine. More than 176 million girls and women in the U.S. suffer from it, but the cause is unknown. That has never made sense to me. And it probably doesn’t to you either if you’ve got it! This unenviable condition affects up to 15% of menstruating women between the […]

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    When the going gets tough, take care of yourself!

      Whether you are a burned out parent of a special-needs or particularly challenging child, a caregiver of elderly or infirm family members, a full-time parent, a parent juggling work and home, a giver in your community trying to care for refugees, the homeless, or the hungry,   REMEMBER:   You can only do so […]

  • Healthy homeopathy Shingles

    Shingles: Dramatic, Immediate Help from Homeopathy!

      Shingles (herpes zoster) is on the rise. Shingles pain can be severe, unrelenting, persistent, and recurrent. The same virus that causes chickenpox triggers shingles. It can lie dormant in your nerves for decades, and then flare up suddenly. While the number of cases of chickenpox has declined due to the vaccine, the rate of […]

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    BEFORE That Hysterectomy for Uterine Fibroids, Find a Homeopath!

      Millions, yes, I mean millions, of women have undergone unnecessary hysterectomies. I say this, with conviction, having been a homeopath helping women for over thirty years. I’ve said it before, and I say it again now, “If you are 40 years old or more and you are being told that you need a hysterectomy […]

  • Doctor With Patient in Hospital


    If you are really sick, a hospital is where you will be cured. Right? Homeopathy may help with a cold or a sore throat, but, for something serious head immediately to your local ER. There you can get real medicine for a serious condition. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would be the first to go […]

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    Why Parents of Challenging Kids Need Homeopathy, Too!

    We’ve helped thousands of children with ADHD, autism spectrum, and other behavioral and learning problems for nearly 30 years! And we’ve spoken with at least as many parents, many of whom have brought their kids to us as a last resort. These parents are the heroes in our practice!    Their untiring dedication to doing anything possible for […]

  • Sneezing.

    STOP SNEEZING NOW! Homeopathy Can Be Magic for Hay Fever

      Does spring bring you incessant sneezing, snuffling nose, and miserable itchy, teary eyes? Homeopathy is safe, gentle, effective, and EASY. As homeopaths of 30+ years, we can tell you that this works! THE TOP THREE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES: *If your nose and eyes run like a faucet, just as if you were peeling  onion after […]

  • wasp anxiety herpes Healthy Homeopathy

    Homeopathy for Anxiety and Herpes: A One-of-a-Kind Cure

    So You Think All Anxiety is the Same? One size does not fit all with homeopathy. If you are looking for help for your anxiety, instead of being squeezed in some diagnostic box and handed anti-anxiety meds, read this fascinating case from our practice. This woman was helped dramatically by, are you ready…. a homeopathic […]

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    Homeopathy: Healing all of you

    Homeopaths have very high standards for healing. It’s not enough just to have one or two of your main physical symptoms improve. Let’s say you go to your gynecologist complaining of abnormal menstrual periods. You are put on the birth control pill to regulate your cycles. You may not have had time to mention your […]

  • Migraines Healthy Homeopathy helps

    Suffering from Migraines? Try Homeopathy!

    A Pain in the You Know What! Did you know that over 10% of folks in the U.S. are plagued by migraines? And that it’s considered the 8th most disabling health condition worldwide? Think not just throbbing, pulsating head pain…. as if that weren’t bad enough! Add nausea and vomiting; blurred vision; sensitivity to light, […]