• Acne Rosacea healthy homeopathy

    A Woman with Restless Leg Syndrome, Acne Rosacea, and Chronic Fatigue

    A Woman with Restless Leg Syndrome, Acne Rosacea, and Chronic Fatigue Original patient complaint: Restless Leg Syndrome can be a relentlessly persistent and bothersome condition which often has no answer with conventional medicine. Judyth first heard about it decades ago when her mother, Essie, found her own solution, and wanted to share her successful discovery. […]

  • Down Syndrome healthy homeopathy

    A Pair of Twins with Down Syndrome

    Original patient complaint:¬†Down Syndrome Two Different Peas in the Very Same Pod One of the most important features of homeopathy, as compared to other forms of medicine, conventional and alternative, is the individualization of medicine selection. Homeopathy treats patients, not diseases. The prescription is based on what is unique about the person, rather than what […]

  • Smoothie recipe healthy homeopathy

    Consider Homeopathy First In These Situations

    How do you know whether to try homeopathy, either in the form of self-care or consulting a homeopath? If you are in one of the following groups, we suggest that you investigate homeopathy sooner rather than later because you are an ideal candidate to be helped with this safe, gentle, effective type of natural medicine.

  • Woman with mastitis

    Mastitis (Breast Infection During Nursing): Homeopathic Self Care

    During pregnancy and lactation, women tend to be cautious about taking any medications for fear of harming the fetus and newborn. In the case of mastitis, which is an inflammation of the breast tissue during lactation, we have found homeopathic medicines to be consistently safe and effective during pregnancy and in treating newborns as early as the day they are born.

  • grief-FEATURED

    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Grief, and Survivor Guilt

    Life was no longer worth living for Barbara. Despite being devoutly religious, she wished her life would end. Guilt and shame, often about something terribly wrong they believe they have done, torments them. Often, these people develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

  • Sinusitis-and-Bronchitis-FEATURED

    Sinusitis and Bronchitis: Helping Yourself With Homeopathy

    Sinusitis and bronchitis are two very common conditions that accompany the cold, damp winter doldrums, especially in northern climates. Fortunately, homeopathy can help these illnesses rapidly and effectively, usually without the need for antibiotics.

  • Women sharing about homeopathic treatments

    What Women Say About Their Homeopathic Care

    These are some vignettes from a few women that we have successfully treated for gynecological problems. For lots more stories and information, please check out my book, “Whole Woman Homeopathy: Safe, Effective, Natural Alternatives to Drugs, Hormones and Surgery.”

  • Boy with ADHD

    ADHD: Try Homeopathy Before Prescription Drugs!

    Despite all the medications that have now been given to millions of children diagnosed with ADHD since the 1980s, it appears there have been no appreciable long-term benefits. Short-term benefits of stimulant medication in terms of focus and attention are undeniable, but in terms of long-term outcomes, they have failed to produce real lasting change. Considering their side effects, cost, and lack of lasting results, we call into question their use, and offer a much safer, effective alternative that we have used with thousands of children: homeopathic medicine.