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    Homeopathic Self Care: What you can Treat Yourself

    Homeopathy, a remarkably powerful tool for healing, can be used successfully in the hands of both the homeopath and the interested lay person. This system of medicine uses small doses of natural substances to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. In homeopathic prescribing, a single substance is found which matches the symptom pattern of […]

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    Healing through Homeopathy: A Case of Chronic Headaches

    Chronic headaches are one of the most common and distressing problems for many of our patients. Homeopathic medicine can be remarkably effective in treating headaches, regardless of their etiology. In eliciting the patient’s symptoms, a homeopathic interviewer must understand many explicit details concerning the headaches, including how long the patient has suffered with the headaches […]

  • Healthy Homeopathy ADHD

    The ADHD Pressure Cooker: Kids, Teachers, Parents, and Doctors, All Feel the Heat

    What has impressed us the most in treating over 2000 children with behavioral and learning problems, the majority of them diagnosed with ADHD, is their intensity that many of them exhibit and is disseminated among those around them. How easily that intensity, tension, and pressure is passed on from one member of the ADHD child’s […]

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    Research and Clinical Data show Homeopathy to be Effective for ADHD

    Over the past decade, the prevalence and pharmacologic treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have increased dramatically in the United States evidenced by a three-fold increase of the prescription of stimulant medication to these children. (Robison et al). Prescriptions for methylphenidate have increased three- to six-fold since 1990 (LeFever et al), bringing into question possible overdiagnosis […]

  • Women, Emotional Stress, Depression.

    Homeopathic Medicine for Migraines

    Looking for a safe, natural, effective, and long-lasting answer for your migraines? Consider homeopathy. Not only is it free of the side effects of conventional medicine and safe for everyone, but it will treat all of your symptoms, not just your migraines. If your headaches are very infrequent, you may be able to treat yourself, […]

  • Stress.

    “I Can’t Get Unwound!” A Case of Performance Anxiety

    Original patient complaint: Performance Anxiety Jack, a 38-year-old investment banker from New York, was very pleasant and immaculately dressed. Married with four children, he had worked for two prominent banking institutions over the previous 16 years. “I’ve simply become way too wound up. My sleep is erratic. This year has been a crackers year for me. […]

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    A Man with Anxiety, Depression, Seizures and Severe Hypoglycemia

    Original patient complaint: Anxiety, Depression We have found homeopathy to be consistently effective in treating mental and emotional problems. When there is a combination of mental, emotional and physical symptoms, as if often the case, all three spheres should improve with the simillimum (the exact remedy needed by the individual). Because all symptoms result from an […]

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    Healing With Homeopathy: A Case of Pediatric Asthma

    Original patient complaint: Asthma Mary was an a thin, athletic 11 year-old child with chronic asthma. Her asthma had started at five months old, and had been severe for the next two and a half years. She was a forceps delivery. She was never breastfed, and was put on soy formula at birth. Solid food was […]

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    Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Arthritis

    Original patient complaint: Arthritis Gina, 69 years old, had had arthritis all her life. She was a small, delicate looking woman with a pleasant demeanor. She remembered that her knees had started hurting her when she was 14. They continued to hurt until her 20’s when she got pregnant. She had always had weak ankles, and […]