About Dr. Robert Ullman

Dr. Robert UllmanDr. Robert Ullman


I am a licensed, board-certified naturopathic physician specializing in homeopathy. I received my N.D. degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1981. I graduated from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Biology in 1973, and from Kansas Newman College with a degree in Human Biology in 1979, as part of my naturopathic training. I also attended a masters program in Mental Health Research for two years at Bucknell University, from 1973-75.

I am the author of seven books on homeopathy with my wife, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D. on homeopathy including the best-selling Ritalin-Free Kids; The Homeopathic Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Other Mental And Emotional Problems (previously Prozac-Free); A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism; Rage-Free Kids; Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick and Easy Guide for the Whole Family; The Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine; and The Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine. Our book on spirituality: Mystics, Masters, Saints and Sages: Stories of Enlightenment, has a foreword by the Dalai Lama. We have also published many articles on homeopathy, including our monthly column of the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients since the early nineties.

I practice at The Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, Washington, and by Skype video or telephone consultations, which allow me to treat patients in-person or at a distance. I most enjoy providing healing through classical homeopathy, spiritual healing and energy work, transformational counseling, and Bowenwork, a body work from Australia. I have done extensive work with children and adults with learning, behavioral, and psychiatric problems, as you can see in our book titles above. I have patients throughout the world and have taught seminars internationally, including in the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia and Switzerland. I have been vice-president of the International Foundation for Homeopathy and a board member of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians.

I live with my wife and our three loveable golden retrievers on Whidbey Island. Washington and in Pucón, Chile. I enjoy yoga and meditation, spiritual studies, singing and dancing, hiking, kayaking, and adventurous travel in beautiful natural environments. My wife and I try to keep fit with exercise, beach walks with the dogs, and healthy eating. I like science fiction books and good movies for additional recreation.

Treatment Methods

In addition to homeopathy, I am also available for these treatment methods. I will be glad to discuss them with you to see how you may benefit.


Homeopathy offers wonderful opportunities for healing mind, body, and spirit. What makes it particularly exciting as a path to healing is the fact that treatment is individualized for each person. I acknowledge your uniqueness, and through careful and thoughtful interviewing, draw out from you the essence of your symptoms and match them to the one substance in nature that will help you to restore balance.

In conventional medicine, the doctors’ approach is to define an illness and it’s symptoms, and treat anyone with those symptoms with the same drug, and when there are several illnesses, to use more drugs. When I use homeopathy to help you, it is to honor how your genetics, life experiences, feelings, and thoughts have brought you to a unique expression of the life force in nature. By exploring this uniqueness together, we can come to the single homeopathic medicine that has the potential not only to treat your symptoms, but to completely transform your life and health.

Join me in this process of restoring and revitalizing your life and health. Appointments are 1 1/2 hours for the first visit, and 30 minutes or 1 hour for return visits, and may be in person or by telephone or Skype video. For more information, visit About Homeopathy on this website.

Matrix Energetics

Based on the work of Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D, Matrix Energetics (ME) utilizes principles of quantum physics to access new possibilities in one’s life and health. As a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, I can help you with physical, mental, and spiritual issues by facilitating a states from which change is readily accessible.

Patients receiving Matrix Energetics often report deep states of relaxation, and waves of change, which can cause a sense of wobbling as the wave moves through. ME is not bound by time, and can effect changes in past traumas, injuries and states, as well as carry change into your future, brightening prospects for life, work, prosperity and health.

States of change can also be accessed from parallel dimensions which have resources not found in one’s current reality. All this may seem like magic, but the new discoveries in quantum physics and consciousness studies have opened doors and windows that make changes possible now that have long been considered out of reach. My patients receiving Matrix Energetics have reported relief of pain and past physical and mental traumas, greater relaxation, and significant improvements in their health problems and life circumstances.

Sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour and can be in person or by telephone or Skype video as you prefer.


I have offered Bowenwork to my patients since 1994. It is a gentle, but highly effective bodywork developed in Australia by self-taught healer, Tom Bowen. It is performed with the patient fully clothed, on a massage table or bed. I gently push against muscles for a few seconds and then roll over the top of the muscle tissue, which springs back, causing a profound relaxation response. Bones, muscles, ligaments and fascia respond by returning to their normal positions, facilitating healing.

Patterns of Bowenwork moves are done throughout the body during the 30 minute treatment, and many patients relax deeply and experience a sense of peace and well-being. Treatments are offered weekly until the problem resolves. Many patients return simply because they enjoy the treatment and its effects.