Doctor With Patient in Hospital

If you are really sick, a hospital is where you will be cured. Right? Homeopathy may help with a cold or a sore throat, but, for something serious head immediately to your local ER. There you can get real medicine for a serious condition.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I would be the first to go to a hospital in an emergency. And I have done just that. Fifteen years ago we were just about to have a big 50th birthday party for my husband, Bob, at our house. We had just gotten back from a trip to Europe followed by teaching a homeopathic seminar in Boulder. The next morning, a Sunday, I woke early and found bloody sputum in the bathroom sink. Recognizing the classic signs of pneumonia (by this time he was shaking as well), I rushed him to the ER an hour away. Good thing, the ER doc told me. Bob had bacterial pneumonia in both lungs and would have died within five hours! Took him a month to recover. So antibiotics and a hospitalization saved his life.

But homeopathy can be a godsend (!!!!) if you are in the hospital, in addition to whatever procedures and medication are happening. It can dramatically enhance healing and recovery. A speedy discharge is essential to diminish your risk of catching any hospital-acquired illnesses, in addition to whatever you had in the first place!

Two weeks ago, I treated two patients, both in their 60s. Both had been admitted to highly respected medical institutions, and had partners who were highly knowledgeable advocates. Yet both hospital-acquired pneumonia and could have died without homeopathy.


Ron was admitted to a university hospital for colon surgery following a decades-long history of ulcerative colitis. Following surgery, he developed a number of problems, including pneumonia and a lack of peristalsis. This means that his normal digestive function did not return. In fact, Ron developed violent, non-stop hiccoughs. He was miserable, unable to sleep due to the relentless hiccoughs, showed no sign of recuperating his digestive function, and was becoming increasingly weak due to the pneumonia. He was on an alarming downward spiral and the doctors appeared to be scrambling unsuccessfully.

I took Ron’s acute homeopathic case, which took twenty minutes or so. I put together the pieces of the puzzle: from the time he first contracted the ulcerative colitis, shortly after a vaccination, to the current debilitated state. The one homeopathic remedy that he needed was very clear. His partner was able to get it within a couple of hours. We are talking about one single dose! Ron took it and the hiccoughs stopped within five minutes. They came back a couple of hours later. He took another dose. The hiccoughs stopped completely, and did not return . The peristalsis returned by the next day. He was discharged two days later. The hospital staff had no idea he was taking anything besides the heavy-duty IV medications.  


Within a day of finding out about Ron, another very close friend was hospitalized suddenly with excruciating kidney pain. He had a past history of kidney stones and lithotripsy treatment to break up the stones. By the next day he, too, had contracted hospital-acquired pneumonia, and his symptoms became increasingly frightening. Over the course of the next few hours he became weaker and weaker, and was given oxygen and strong IV antibiotics. There was even talk of hooking him up to a ventilator to take over his breathing for him.

Carlos was frighteningly weak, breathing very labored, he could barely talk, and he was extremely parched. His wife and I talked three to four times a day. His remedy was also very clear, and she gave it (oblivious to the medical staff) every time his symptoms worsened. Within three days Carlos went from a life-threatening condition to being discharged. Each time the remedy was given, his energy increased, his oxygen saturation went up, and he was clearly on the road to recovery.  When the doctor came into his room, about to request a consult from a pulmonologist, she took one look at Carlos and said that would not be necessary.

Both of these patients will need rest at home and time to recover. Ideally, conventional and homeopathic treatment could be given openly, as happens routinely In India. These two cases also dispel the myth that homeopathy will not work with strong conventional medications.  Those who say homeopathy is placebo will dismiss its effectiveness, but, in both of these cases, homeopathy was a lifesaver!

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