Healthy, Happy and Whole: Pump Iron to Beat Heart Disease and Diabetes

Low section of people lifting kettlebells at crossfit gym

About 9% of Americans lift weights. You would think that number was much higher if you peeked in the door of our room-packed Body Pump class.

You have probably heard of Metabolic Syndrome—a cluster of factors linked to heart disease and diabetes. Those with at least 3 out of 5 risk factors (waist measurement of more than 40” for men and 35” for women), high triglyceride levels, low HDLs (good cholesterol), high blood pressure, and high blood sugar) are considered to have it.

Of 5600+ adults whose fasting blood samples were analyzed, it was found that dedicated iron pumpers had a 37% lower risk of Metabolic Syndrome (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, October 23, 2012). Add this benefit to burning calories, losing weight, increasing muscle strength, and feeling better about yourself, and it’s a no brainer. Whether your cup of tea is free weights, circuit training, or a class, such as Body Pump, put those muscles to work! They payoff is well worth it!

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