Homeopathy for the whole family: Riley’s case

1321598Riley: I’m Not Gonna Do It!

Cody,  a young man who was exquisitely fearful of and sensitive to being poked, cut, or stabbed, had been seeing us for a short while when parents also brought in his sister, Riley, for treatment. And it was a good thing they did, because straightening out Riley’s behavior had a favorable impact on her brother’s healing!

Riley exhibited a short fuse and manipulative tendencies. Her dad elaborated: Her room is a tornado. She loves to dump out her drawers. We go through a major housecleaning once a week and she contributes to 99% of the mess. We tell her and her brother to pick it all up. Riley sits calmly on the bed, directing her brother to gather this and that, without lifting a finger. Then she laughs about it.

Our Riley has quite the temper. When she gets mad, she’s furious. It takes no time at all for her to lash out and hit. Whoever it is that she’s fighting with gets laid out. Cody was playing outside with a sword and a shield. Riley grabbed a busted broom handle and went outside to play with him. I looked outside and her brother was crying as a result of a cut on his stomach where Riley had jabbed him. The following day, we received a call from the school principal, advising us that Riley had pummeled yet another child.

Riley had suffered quite a few bouts of vaginal yeast from age five on, sometimes to the point where walking became painful. Antifungal cream had helped somewhat. She had shown a tendency to masturbate from a very early age, and bedwetting was still a periodic issue.

The Big Chill

Now it was our turn to experience Riley’s steadfast determination. Usually, at this point in an initial case taking, we speak directly with the child, usually for thirty to sixty minutes. We prefer to do this without the parent(s) present whenever possible, extending the same privacy to kids that we do to adults. Riley’s dad brought her into the interviewing room. She took one defiant look at us, sat down in the chair directly facing us, and there she sat, silent for the next thirty minutes. We tried every trick we knew to get her to interact with us—even offering her some delectable Swiss chocolate, which her father had already told us she adored. She ignored the chocolate entirely and spoke not a single word. Score another point for Riley.

Exceptional Features

Riley was one of the most determined and defiant kids we have met. She had a mean streak when she didn’t get exactly what she wanted. If others didn’t yield to her wishes or her mood turned angry, Riley thought nothing of punching siblings, animals, classmates, or whoever made her mad. We have met a few kids who decided not to speak during the interview. But none had Riley’s arrogance and satisfaction. This chronic attitude, combined with the recurring vaginal infections and tendency to masturbate led us to first prescribe Medorrhinum (a nosode), which helped her only temporarily.

At the first follow-up telephone consultation, we changed to Platina (platinum) with a very positive outcome. Platina is an excellent medicine for girls with superior attitudes who suffer from vaginal complaints. These girls are also typically sexually precocious. It fit the bill for Riley, who was six years old going on sixteen.

Baby PMS

Riley’s parents did not schedule a second phone consultation for five months. Riley’s tantrums had subsided for two months after taking the Platina, but then returned. The rocking on the floor to masturbate, quite frequent previously, had decreased considerably. Riley was still demanding, though to a lesser degree. Still prone to tantrums and mood swings, her mom referred to Riley’s sudden mood fluctuations as “baby PMS.” We never know. It’s really scary. She’ll have some incident that incenses her, then she won’t speak. If Riley is at school, she absolutely will not go to the lunchroom or do anything she’s told. I’m her mother and I live with her, and I still can’t figure her out. If I try to talk to her, it makes it worse. I go through a gamut of questioning and she won’t even answer. Riley’s moods are so unpredictable. Her mom also emphasized how overly sensitive Riley was to being examined vaginally by her pediatrician, “screaming bloody murder” even during a well- child exam. Even with a woman doctor, she could not tolerate the least touch, due to the sensitivity of the inflamed area.

Much More Cooperative

At this point, looking for a more significant change in Riley’s moods and mistreatment of her brother, we gave her a higher dose of Platina. Two months later, the report was very positive. Her aggression towards her brother had diminished markedly, and Riley was much more cooperative—a quantum leap from how she had been before. She and her brother had enjoyed an unusually harmonious summer together. The family even traveled together by car without any memorable incidents, quite a feat considering how things had been. Riley needed a repetition of the Platina after a regression in crankiness, self-stimulatory rocking, and vaginal irritation. One other dose of the medicine was given more recently, after Riley slathered her lips in Carmex, a camphor and menthol-containing lip balm known to interrupt the action of homeopathic medicines in some cases. As long as the Platina is acting, this young lady is much easier on her brother, her parents, and anyone who crosses her path.

Homeopathic treatment for Riley has lightened the family’s load a great deal and, thankfully, taken pressure off her brother, Cody. Riley has even agreed to talk to us during her next appointment. Now that’s progress!

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