Why Parents of Challenging Kids Need Homeopathy, Too!

Untitled design (4)We’ve helped thousands of children with ADHD, autism spectrum, and other behavioral and learning problems for nearly 30 years! And we’ve spoken with at least as many parents, many of whom have brought their kids to us as a last resort. These parents are the heroes in our practice!


  •  Their untiring dedication to doing anything possible for their children to helpthem lead happier and healthier lives.
  •  Their relentless research to leave no stone unturned in finding answers. (And homeopathy is rarely the first therapy they have pursued.)
  •  These parents’ ability to channel frustration, exhaustion, even desperation into positive and constructive steps to help their children get better.
  •  In many cases, especially with kids on the autism spectrum, these parents resort to draining their bank accounts, a second mortgage, even bankruptcy to fill in the huge gaps that are not covered by their family’s health care coverage.
  • The beyond-belief patience of parents whose children have taken baby steps towards healing before they came to see us, or who may not even be verbal.

We know that HOMEOPATHY HELPS FAMILIES! The right remedy can make a world of difference to moms, dads, siblings, and caregivers. You, as a parent of a child with special challenges may:

  • Be exhausted. Drained. Burned out. Way beyond your limit! Do you REALIZE that, with the miracle of homeopathic treatment, we can help you regain vitality, hope, and strength (physical, mental, and emotional) so that you can better serve yourself and your family?
  • Find that, after caring for your kids 24/7, you have no energy for your partner? Your libido may have gone down the drain.
  • Feel isolated because you no longer have time or motivation to spend with your extended family, friends. This can lead to isolation and despair.
  • Berate yourself for not having done enough to find the answers for your child. We find many parents of the challenged kids in our practice to be extremely hard on themselves, despite giving 100%+ to their families.
  • Have abandoned your own avenues of creativity and fun and put your own needs at the very bottom of a long TO DO list for your kids.

We could share with you many stories of parents and siblings whose lives were turned around remarkably for the better with homeopathy! You will find some of these cases in our books.

We’d like to share with you five compelling reasons, since you parents, especially moms, so desperately want to help your kids to be happy, healthy, adjusted, all they can be….

1. The state of the mom during pregnancy can provide essential clues to which remedy the child/children need. We choose one of over 3500 homeopathic remedies, and this information can make a BIG difference!

2. The same is true as far as understanding how the parent(s) were as children. This can sometimes provide important clues to helping your child.

3. Let us find the right remedy for YOU, the parent(s), so that you can regain your energy, positivity, clarity, and health to better help your kid(s)!

4. If you have more than one child, and you are exhausted coping with your child with special needs, this can have repercussions on the other sibling(s).

We find that the ENTIRE family heals better when (hopefully) all members of the family are treated with homeopathy. This does not mean years of frequent appointments. Once we find the right remedy, we may only speak with parents and siblings two to three times a year to keep all in balance.

5. Homeopathic care for all of you will, plain and simple, keep you healthier physically so that you all have less acute and chronic illness, contagious diseases, missed work and school. It’s like a finely tuned clock: We keep thewhole family running as smoothly as possible.

We care about your children AND you. Homeopathic treatment for the family is not a luxury. We consider it ESSENTIAL!

If you’d like to get in touch to find out how  we can help you at Healthy Homeopathy contact us or make an appointment, we’d love to hear from you.

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