STOP SNEEZING NOW! Homeopathy Can Be Magic for Hay Fever



Does spring bring you incessant sneezing, snuffling nose, and miserable itchy, teary eyes? Homeopathy is safe, gentle, effective, and EASY.

As homeopaths of 30+ years, we can tell you that this works!


*If your nose and eyes run like a faucet, just as if you were peeling  onion after onion, take Allium cepa made from, you guessed it, onion! Good for burning nasal discharge, red, burning, watery eyes, and sneezing on entering a warm room.*If your symptoms center on the eyes, try Euphrasia (Eyebright), for hot, irritating discharge from the eyes, bland runny nose, and frequent sneezing.

*Violent sneezing in attacks with a watery nasal discharge and itching and tickling in the nose? Sabadilla (Mexican grass) may be your ticket.

Nux vomica (Quaker’s button) is great for a runny nose when outside during the day with violent sneezing, sniffles, and an intense crawling sensation in the nostrils.

For frequent sneezing with a watery, burning nasal discharge when outdoors and a plugged nose when inside, take Sulphur (Sulfur).

You should feel better very quickly if the remedy has to fit your symptoms. You can find homeopathic remedies in most pharmacies and health food stores. We use one dose of a 1M, which lasts the entire hay fever season. Or you can buy 30C remedies to take more frequently.

Herbally, we recommend QC Nasal Spray or HMC-Plus (hesperidin, but homeopathy is usually all you need!

You can buy our book Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick and Easy Guide for the Whole Family & companion kit as well as the supplements above.

Or we can offer you an acute homeopathic appointment for your hay fever, just get in touch.

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