Homeopathy for Anxiety and Herpes: A One-of-a-Kind Cure

wasp anxiety herpes Healthy HomeopathySo You Think All Anxiety is the Same?

One size does not fit all with homeopathy. If you are looking for help for your anxiety, instead of being squeezed in some diagnostic box and handed anti-anxiety meds, read this fascinating case from our practice. This woman was helped dramatically by, are you ready…. a homeopathic dilution of wasp! For over two years, this one remedy has done wonders for Annie.

Why in the World Did We Prescribe Wasp?

There are over 3000 different homeopathic remedies made from just about anything in nature: animal, plant or mineral. The right remedy will help you feel dramatically better—not only your anxiety, but the rest of you as well.

Wasp (called Vespa in homeopathy) was not the first remedy I gave Annie, a social worker from New Jersey, whom I have treated by phone. In fact, in 30+ years, it is the first time we have prescribed it. But that was perfect for her! Annie suffered so from incessant and terribly painful and burning outbreaks on her legs that she feared the herpes would kill her.  Annie worried constantly that others would manipulate, trap, hurt, or betray her. Annie had other problems, too, including recurrent bladder infections, chronic constipation, and insomnia. But it was her anxiety that brought her to see me. If fact, she had been taking Wellbutrin for years. Without it she felt extremely anxious and depressed to the point of feeling suicidal.

When someone feels like a victim, like others are doing something to him or her, this leads me to consider homeopathic remedies made from an animal. When we asked Annie how she felt about animals, she told me: “Most of all I hate wasps! They scared me to death. They’re malevolent and unforgiving. They’re filthy and they don’t have a soul. They’re going to attack me. And when they sting, it hurts terribly. They’re creepy. They almost look like people with wings.”

Homeopaths always look and listen for what is unique about the patient from any other patient. In Annie’s case, it was her exaggerated dislike of and terror from wasps. I had never before, in over 30 years, heard a patient tell me this.

Annie is Like a Different Person

I prescribed a homeopathic preparation of wasp for Annie to take once a day.  Seven weeks later she shared: “I felt like I was getting a bladder infection, but I never did. I feel better, more hopeful. Some of the problems in my life just don’t seem to sting as much. Before I felt like people would attack me for no reason. Kind of like a wasp. Annie was not consciously aware of the wasp reference.

Three months after starting to take the homeopathic wasp, Annie happily reported,
“I am doing much better. My stamina is so good that I took a hike. My herpes is much better, too.  I’m eating better. And, miracle of miracles, I’ve put myself on a budget. My anxiety is not as terrifying and passes much more quickly. I actually feel normal.”

Now, two years after starting the Vespa, Annie seems like a different person. She recovered beautifully from a head injury, doesn’t take things as personally, no longer fears that people will hurt her, herpes outbreaks are few and far between, and she is much happier.

How Can Homeopathy Help Your Anxiety?

The chances of your needing Vespa are like a needle in a haystack. But there is one homeopathic remedy out there for you. It could be a remedy made from a plant, an animal, or a mineral. And that one remedy for you can change your life!

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