Suffering from Migraines? Try Homeopathy!

Migraine Healthy HomeopathyA Pain in the You Know What!

Did you know that over 10% of folks in the U.S. are plagued by migraines? And that it’s considered the 8th most disabling health condition worldwide? Think not just throbbing, pulsating head pain…. as if that weren’t bad enough! Add nausea and vomiting; blurred vision; sensitivity to light, sound, and even smells, fainting!  Bad enough to send you to bed!

In Homeopathy, A Migraine is NOT a Migraine is NOT a Migraine

You may need any one of over 3500 homeopathic remedies for your migraines. This is why homeopathy is a science and an art, why you and likely to need a totally different remedy from the next migraine sufferer.

Sixteen Years of Nagging Migraines

Lily, 47 years old, called us from California. In a nutshell:

“I had just had my third child when I noticed a bright, flashy light like a rainbow.

I remember thinking, ‘I’m going blind.I ignored them for years. But now I have a few every month. Just before a heavy rain or snow.  My eyes hurt so badly that it hurts to read or look at the computer. I’m a community organizer and I coordinate a lot of people, so I feel compelled to keep working. I don’t have time to be sick!”

Though she appeared to any observers to be a linear thinker, no way! In fact, she described herself as “scattered, unorganized, and out of control…. no one steering the ship.” You would never have guessed that Lily felt this way to see how brilliantly she managed everyone around her. But inside, her thinking felt “fractured, roaming, frenzied, unfocused.”

Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces: A Perfectionistic Pea!

Lily’s self-description of being scattered rang a bell for us: patients needing plants from the Leguminosae (pea) family feel just this way. But how in the world to choose between the 18,000 (!) types of peas? The clincher for Lily was that she was such a perfectionist in whatever she did. A perfectionistic pea, you might say!

We prescribed homeopathic Physostigma made from the Calabar bean, which is a vine found on the banks of streams in West Africa, where it extends more than fifty feet in the air, climbing high among the tropical trees.  Lily complained of waking in the middle of the night, her mind chock full of the countless details she had to keep together. No wonder she felt scattered!   This remedy has helped many “whose minds were so active in sleep that, on waking, they didn’t even know they had slept. And folks who, despite the pounding pain of a migraine, couldn’t stop thinking for even a minute. Bingo!


If you suffer from migraines and would like to find out how we can help you at Healthy Homeopathy please do get in touch and make an appointment, we’d love to help you.

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