Anxiety and Nervous Exhaustion: Homeopathy can help

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If you suffer from anxiety, look no further than Homeopathy!

Take it from me, I’ve been around anxious, depressed patients for 40 years—first as a psychiatric social worker, then as a homeopathic and naturopathic doctor. I don’t think I’ve ever treated a patient with anxiety who didn’t respond well to homeopathy.
Homeopathy treats the whole person, though, so you could need one out of over 3500 remedies. Find an experienced homeopath to help you rather than treating yourself!

Anxiety and Nervous Exhaustion in a Caregiver – Christine Tells Her Story
(Excerpted from my book, Whole Woman Homeopathy: A Safe, Effective Natural Alternative to Drugs, Hormones and Surgery)

“I’ve used homeopathy for years, but my most dramatic success story was for my incredible stress after my son showed signs of a serious mental illness. One night the burden of his care came crashing down on my shoulders. I felt faint and couldn’t get a breath. My husband agreed to check on me throughout the night and take me to the ER if necessary. Fortunately I sought out homeopathy! It’s a good thing that homeopaths want to know all about their patients, so that I had a chance to tell Dr. Reichenberg about my seasickness. As long as I can remember, being in any stuffy place, let alone on a boat, plane or carnival ride, rocked my equilibrium almost to the point of fainting. Sometimes even bending over would cause me to feel an imaginary wave, as if my feet were not on solid ground.”

“I love that homeopathy puts together all of the difference pieces of the person. Although it was anxiety and nervous exhaustion that led me to get treated, it all fit together perfectly under the homeopathic remedy, Cocculus indicus (Indian cockle)! It turned out to be a remedy for sensitive caregivers who lose sleep and peace of mind worrying about and taking care of loved ones. Bingo!

“The Cocculus helped calm me and kept my head level while I managed my son’t illness. I slept better within days and felt more hopeful and peaceful. Funny, though, how the changes were subtle and it wasn’t until several weeks later that I realized that the woozy, rocking sensation that had plagued me had vanished completely! One dose of the medicine lasted nearly a year, then was repeated. I am grateful to report that my son is doing very well, and so am I!”

Still Well Four Years Later

I continued to see Christine as a patient for four more years. During that time she needed six doses of Cocculus 200C as well as occasional doses of 30C that she took herself as needed. Christine healed much more completely and deeply than she could have had she taken anti-anxiety medications!


If you suffer from anxiety and would like to find out how we can help you at Healthy Homeopathy please do get in touch and make an appointment, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also  find out more about how homeopathy can help anxiety in our book: The Homeopathic Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and Other Mental and Emotional Problems which is available to order.

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