Epileptic seizures: How can Homeopathy help?


A Shockingly Effective Homeopathy Remedy for Seizures!

Roger is sold on homeopathy—he’s been a faithful patient for over 22 years. The brilliance of homeopathy is that there is one best remedy to help each person. Not just one or two symptoms, but the whole person. Since there are more than 3500 homeopathic remedies, it can take time to find that one remedy. But, Roger improved significantly over the years with other remedies. His aphasia (a brain lapse where you can’t seem to get out the word you want to say) and hypoglycemia were resolved with diet and homeopathy.

Being a great researcher, in addition to a talented professional photographer, he had also discovered that glutamate, which is not only contained in MSG (monosodium glutamate), but in many packaged foods, triggered the aphasia. But he still experienced periodic epileptic seizures during his sleep.

Four years ago I reviewed Roger’s symptoms and came up with a surprising remedy for Roger that I had never before, in over 30 years of practiced prescribed! This is what I gleaned from Roger:

“The seizures are like unplugging a T.V. It’s always black. All I can see is electrical patterns. All black with static. It just looks like electrical noise. Like a T.V. that’s not on a station. Electrical discharges.  My jaw locks. I can’t move. My hands get rigid during the convulsions. They’re locked. Or sometimes I just wake up after the seizure with nausea. They always happen during my sleep… It’s like an electrical pattern going up on a graph. Discharging. The only thing I can compare it to is like sticking your hand in an electrical outlet and you can’t let go… Maybe like lightning flashes or electrical spikes. “

Roger explained, “I always liked thunderstorms. I don’t  know why. When I was about ten, my cousins told me about two kids riding by their house on a motor scooter. They got hit by lightning and their bodies exploded. It was a vivid story to remember, but it never scared me.

Most homeopathic remedies are made from plant, mineral or animal substances, but there is one other category that I have rarely used. They are called imponderables and are made from things like sunlight, moonlight, or, in this case, electricity! Electricity was first made into a homeopathic remedy in the 1800s by saturating milk sugar with an electrical current. The remedy is called Electricitas. It is indicated in the homeopathic literature as a remedy for seizures:  dullness of mind, loss of consciousness, being in a daze—just what Roger described about his seizures!

The results:

Thanks to periodic doses of Electricitas, Roger’s seizures are few, far between, and quite manageable. He has never needed to take anticonvulsants.  He has been able to travel on photographic adventures to far-flung places like India, China and Cuba on back roads with very few problems. I last spoke with Roger a month ago and he was still doing great with the seizures.

I knew that homeopathy was remarkable, but finding Electricitas for Roger and helping him with his epileptic seizures was a wonderfully electrifying experience!

If you would like to get in touch and see how Homeopathy can help with epilepsy, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Hi Jenni,
    Nice to hear from you!! Thanks for the positive feedback. And your electrician case is fascinating!
    Be well,

  2. Great case.
    I prescribed it once, many years ago, for seizures. The patient was an electrician who had suffered many electrical shocks.
    I love the very graphic and unmistakable description of his seizures that your patient gave you. The remedy is so clear, it is speaking its name. We have to really hear these symptoms rather than interpret them.
    Congratulations. And thanks to homeopathy, your patient remains drug-free and healthy.

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