How can homeopathy help after a head injury?

How homeopathy helps with a head injuryHead Injuries Can Mean Years of Recovery!

If you have ever suffered a head injury, you have surely asked yourself –

“How long will it take to get better?” Recovery from a traumatic brain injury, depending, of course, on the severity, is often a long, challenging process.  It can take weeks or months to feel like yourself again, and sometimes never…. despite much therapy.

As a homeopathic doctor of over thirty years, I have seen a number of wonderful, rapid responses to head injuries. Chris’ case is just one of many. Read this case and I believe you will at least be impressed by how homeopathy, and no other treatment, helped this young man in short order.

The Bike Crash

Chris was a former patient who I hadn’t seen in several years. Now 21 years old, he is a college student temporarily taking a break to literally, flip burgers, to save money. It was right after Halloween and Chris didn’t wear his helmet because of his costume. Unfortunate choice! He hit a pothole and flipped his bike. A kind woman pulled over to help him out. Once he reached her car, Chris blacked out three times. He went right to the ER and was told he was fine. But he wasn’t.

Chris shared with me: “Since the accident I have started to doubt what is real. If I see a computer mouse, I wonder if it’s really there or it is a hallucination. Am I just making it all up? Everything feels disorienting. It’s like being in a dream state.  Things seem out of place. Not where they should be. My brain starts going in circles when I look at objects and they appear to be floating in the air. It is all like an optical illusion. Distorted. A painting doesn’t seem to be attached to the wall. Or part of the floor seems shaded differently.  It happens with sounds, too. Someone calls my name and it sounds like they are saying something entirely different. All of this started just after the bike crash.”

The Miraculous Recovery

Chris needed the homeopathic remedy Nux moschata, which is made from a simple kitchen spice: Nutmeg. It is a plant belonging to the Magnolia family. These plants are great at helping people who suffer from a feeling of bewilderment… of everything feeling confusing, strange, unfamiliar, distorted. You might find yourself in such a state after moving or traveling to a different country where you don’t speak the language. Or moving to a new house, neighborhood, or city. Or, like Chris, after a head injury.

I talked to Chris again yesterday, seven weeks after he took one dose of Nux moschata 200C.  This is what he told me: “None of the things I mentioned last time are happening anymore. I have no confusion of reality. It took about three days, then all of those symptoms were gone.  I have no feeling at all of disorientation. No optical illusion. No auditory distortion. I’m not doubting my eyesight or my senses. If anything, I have more confidence than before the accident and my hearing is more acute. None of the things that were bothering me before are still a problem.”

Chris had just one question for me: “Can anything homeopathic help me with hereditary baldness?”

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