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Villa Pehuenia Lake from Borravino

A week in the idyllic village of Villa Pehuenia, Argentina, seemed like the perfect way to end the year. We had planned the same trip seven years ago, but our Nissan Pathfinder’s radiator self-destructed in Melipeuco, at the foot of the Llaima Volcano a couple of weeks after it erupted, prompting an evacuation of the town. That trip ended with being towed 5 hours to our mechanic. Both times we carried our 21-foot, double sea kayak. Fortunately, two was a charm. Thanks to our trusty Subaru Outback, we reached our destination!

Homeopathy for overindulgingAll was well- kayaking, hiking, and enjoying amazing vistas. Having no cooking facilities, and very limited supermarkets, restaurants were our only option, at least for dinner. One word described the food: RICH! Gourmet but full-fat dairy at every course (even the salads!). Fat, homemade sorrentini (think overstuffed giant ravioli), beans with aioli (upscale mayonnaise with garlic), carrot salad with queso fresco. It was the rich lemon cream sauce on the lake trout that eventually did us in.

We both hit the wall that evening and fell into bed at our hotel. Yuck! Our symptoms were similar: nausea, a bloating… a generally “sick” feeling. We couldn’t get out of bed, but were too uncomfortable to fall asleep. You now that miserable, green kind of feeling after overindulging?

As always take, we had with us our remedies: this time our yellow plastic, compact Homeopathic Self-Care Home Medicine Kit. We didn’t need our book, The Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine because we have it in our head.

We owe our gratitude to Pulsatilla (wind flower) 30C. It is famous for relieving the symptoms resulting from overindulgence of rich, fatty foods. In my case, within fifteen minutes after a dose of the Pulsatilla, I had a major blowout from both ends. I was able to fall asleep, then awoke dizzy and wiped out. This time I took Gelsemium (yellow jasmine), tried and true for flu and other acute conditions where you feel dizzy, drowsy, droopy and dull. That and a good rest were all that I needed. To be on the safe side, I stuck to pear juice the following day, with one-half media luna (the small, sweetish croissants for which Argentina is famous). I just couldn’t face any more cheese and heavy food!

Bob’s experience was very similar: feeling sick to his stomach, but with lots more diarrhea and no vomiting. Pulsatilla took care of the indigestion and stopped the runs considerably. He definitely turned the corner for the better shortly after that.

We chilled for a day, then got up early the following morning for a day of kayaking on a perfectly still lake, thanks to the homeopathy and some R and R.

Remember your homeopathic kit: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

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