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The south of Chile is a beautiful place to visit, especially the Patagonia region. But no matter where you’re headed, to help ensure your adventure is as enjoyable as possible, we suggest these helpful travel planner tips.

  • Trip Advisor: most of what you need to know at your fingers in an instant. Even the best room to book and what to order at the perfect restaurant for you!
  • Virtual Tourist: Down home, info-packed, community-focused. Just voted Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia the 8th Wonder of the World!
  • Expat blogs: Lucky you can benefit from the wealth of experience and know how of folks like us (Chile). Fascinating insights to save you time, money, hassle.
  • Fly cheap: Nab the cheapest flights in minutes plus rental cars and much more. Check out the total flight time to avoid long layovers. Discount booking sites may not offer pre-flight seat choices.,
  • Find rental car deals but make sure to use your credit card at the rental agency itself to prepay gas or your credit card company may refuse to pick up the tab for vehicle damage.
  • A world of alternatives to hotels:,,,,

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