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Happy Older CoupleWe have treated thousands of patients from around the world over the 30+ years of our practice, and have a consistently high record of success in helping them with whatever complaints they’ve had. Read what a few of our patients have to say about their experience of working with us.

Out of respect for our patients’ privacy, the names have been changed and the photos are only representative of the health condition referred to in their stories.

Teachers changed their minds about Michael’s ADHD diagnosis.

adhd-boyWe did not want to put Michael on drugs. We racked our brains for weeks, knowing there had to be something else out there to help us. That’s when we found you and homeopathy. After one appointment with you and a dose of homeopathic medicine, the teachers were calling me at home to find out what I had done differently. His behavior improved dramatically. His schoolwork turned around 180 degrees. He was able to listen and to process information. All this without Ritalin. The teachers changed their mind about Michael’s diagnosis of ADHD.

Any doubts or worries that I had about trying homeopathy for the first time dissipated after the calls from Michael’s teacher. Homeopathic medicine has worked wonders with him. I’m thrilled to know that there is an alternative to the traditional “pop-a-pill” method. Michael’s success has even convinced my husband, who is studying to be a paramedic, that there may be a better way.

Mother of a child with ADDFrom our book: Ritalin-Free Kids.

Homeopathy cleared my rosacea, and much more.

The antibiotics caused a vaginal yeast infection, for which he simply prescribed more drugs. I felt worse by the day. This is when I decided to be treated homeopathically myself, which is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Other problems that I hoped would improve with homeopathy were my nervousness around people, my PMS, heavy periods, and zero sex drive. Looking back, I can honestly say that my relationships with my husbands and kids were a chaotic wreck. But, underneath it all, we had a lot of love and I never gave up hope and prayers.

rosaceaI stopped using the topical medication for the rosacea before I took the homeopathic medicine. My dermatologist had warned me that my skin would become immediately worse but, to my pleasant surprise, it didn’t. My vaginal infection disappeared as well. The rosacea went away and never came back except once briefly. At one point I became angrier and felt like I released old, suppressed pain and memories I had kept inside for so many years. Then, remarkably, my sexual energy came back for the first time in ten years… I also have lots more energy and enjoy exercising again… This has been a wonderful experience for me and for my family. Homeopathy is amazing medicine.

A Woman with Acne Rosacea and PMSFrom our book: Whole Woman Homeopathy

My son gained control over his AS sensory input and reaction to overload.

Sound-Sensitivity-in-Children-with-AspergersWhen my son began homeopathic treatment at age six, he would not sleep alone, rarely slept through the night, and had violent meltdown rages at least twice a week. The outbursts were usually over something as trivial as having to change his shirt, or not getting his favor color cup. The contrast has been remarkable. He recently had his first tantrum in almost nine months. Shortly after finding the correct remedy, Connor began to read. By September, when he was tested again for school, he was reading at a fourth-grade level. One year later it increased to a seventh-grade level and he was invited to bring his writing to a regional young writers’ conference.

What I see, more than anything, is that homeopathy has been a tool for my son to gain control over his sensory input and reaction to overload. I would say to any parent of an AS child: “Try homeopathy and really commit to make it work.” Most of us have a lot of experience with quick-fix medicine. Homeopathy will not work that way. When you do find the right remedy, the initial response may be dramatic, but the real, deep change will take some time. Think of yourself as a pioneer.

Now, at age 16, Connor recently made the front page of our hometown newspaper. He was just accepted into a very competitive International Baccalaureate program abroad to finish his last two years of high school—one of only twenty-five students from the U.S. He received a full scholarship. Since he wasn’t actually graduating, he couldn’t be the class valedictorian. Instead he received the ‘Outstanding Scholar’ award for the top-performing student in the school. He ended up with a 3.7 cumulative GPA and 99 the percentile scores on both his PSATs and SATs, including a perfect 800 score on the Critical Reading portion of both the PSAT and SAT. This from a kid who didn’t speak till age three and didn’t read till eight and a half, and received special ed services for speech and language until he was eleven.

Mother of a Child with Asperger Syndrome and Oppositional-Defiant Disorder.From our book: A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

Bladder infection relief in any language.

bladder infectionI suffered from a bladder infection on my holiday abroad. When I returned to Slovenia, a laboratory test confirmed the diagnosis, but I refused to undergo the antibiotic treatment prescribed by both my urologist and my homeopath, who treats in both the homeopathic and the modern ways. I happened to buy your book, Homeopathic Self-Care, in a huge bookshop far away from my country. How I chose it, among the mass of homeopathic literature, I can’t tell you, but it looked systematic and practical.

Looking through your book at the medicines for bladder infections, I immediately identified Staphysagria as the proper one for me. When I called my homeopath to ask him to send me that medicine, he assured me that I had chosen the right one and seemed surprised that I knew what I needed. Once I took the Staphysagria, my condition improved considerably, as confirmed by another urine test. Because of my first successful self-treatment, my confidence has risen. I hope that your extremely practical guide will soon be translated into Slovene.

A Woman in Slovenia with Bladder Infections.From our book: Homeopathic Self-Care.

Take three drops and call me in the morning.

fluPatient: I came down with something last night. Started with a tremendous chill down my spine, then nausea and a sore throat. The chill broke a bit and I went to bed early. It spread into all of my extremities this morning. Now I have a headache, sore throat, achiness, and I feel flushed. Please let me know what you think.

HH: We emailed her back an hour later and told her to take a homeopathic medicine that she had on hand.

Patient – Email response thirteen hours later: “Took a dose and the headache disappeared in ten minutes! Slept like a baby and am 90% better this morning. Thanks!”

A Woman with the flu.

Just in time!

babyI wanted to let you know that the remedy you sent for the vaginitis worked beautifully again, and just in time! Our little girl was born yesterday morning with a super fast labor (before the midwife even got here!) and my husband delivered her like a champ!

I am so intrigued that Caladium turned out to be my remedy. It’s one of my favorite plants and I plant it all around our yard every spring! The fact that it worked SO quickly for such a stubborn condition definitely attests to it being the perfect remedy for me.

The Arnica you sent for the labor was a big help too, I’m feeling amazingly well physically, even this soon after the birth.

Thank you SO MUCH for everything, working with you has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to continuing this relationship with the rest of our family.

A. L.

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  1. Hello,
    I am in the middle of a book entitled,”Impossible Cure” in which you are referenced as the author’s son’s doctor. This young boy was healed from autism. We have been down a very, very long road with our boy, now 13, who was adopted at age 20 months from a Russian orphanage. He experienced abandonment, neglect, malnourishment, lack of touch, poor prenatal care, etc. He has been exposed to vaccines (did not know at the time), but not now. Over the years we have been through countless treatments, diets, doctors, therapists, etc., all with varying degrees of success, yet nothing has truly “cured” him. (We have also spent a small fortune on all of these doctors, one of which charged $600/per hour.) Currently, my son has a diagnosis of PDD (mild autism). I live in Illinois and am currently taking my son to NUHS – National University of Health Sciences. They have proposed to me that homeopathy could work and told me about this book. I am hesitant of getting my hopes up yet again that my son will ever be truly cured, but yet part of me won’t allow myself to ever give up hope despite the odds. Are there statistics that cite the cure rates of kids with autism treated homeopathically? Would it be better to see you rather than the folks at NUHS? Thank you for your time.

  2. I was a patient of yours in 1991 I think it was.
    I live in olympia and will be 80 years old next year.
    With your help the skin itching condition I had went away. I,m so great full to have had your help!
    This condition has returned and live been suffering now for almost 3 years,
    Can you suggest anyone here in olympia who can help me?
    I,m not driving anymore, so it seems every thing is compounding. Maybe It,s just time to go.

  3. Dear Leda,
    We are thrilled that you have found our book so helpful for you, friends and family! And so happy that you can use it digitally as well. Isn’t homeopathy amazing to self-treat so many first-aid and acute problems? We thank YOU from the bottom of OUR hearts for your wonderful feedback!

  4. I found the Homeopathy Manual by Dr. Ullman and Dr. Reichenberg quite a few years ago and I was immediately drawn to it by its no-nonsense format, very logical content distribution and great explanation and advice for medicine. After having read many books and manuals on homeopathy I consider this one the most effective and precise. I have been using it for years healing myself and my friends an family and also recommending it to everybody who is interested. I was so glad to find it online, so I can have it now also in a digital format. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great manual!

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